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Drew's Message

ENJOY LIFE ! GET REAL! Fill your life with love; eliminate fear. These are the messages to be found in "DREW MUSIC".

Life should be an incredible adventure not a trivial pursuit of material wealth. Loose the baggage; go for the dream; find the kid inside of you, and then build on that to become the best person you can be. Find your personal relationship with God (or whatever you choose to call the positive creative force) and share the joy with others who will share their unique insights with you enhancing and expanding your own vision so that you will achieve a more complete view of the big beautiful picture which is our universe. We must eliminate the artificial boundary' s between us and enjoy the wonderful variations of physical appearance. Know that your personal relationship with the "GREAT SPIRIT" is an individual phenomenon to be shared with other individuals. The idea of a group of people all having the exact same perspective of God is an illusion destined to create conflict. Labels separate and confuse us; we have only one label HUMAN BEING. We have only one purpose, TO LIVE and only one dogma, TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

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